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Industrial Air Pollution Control Systems

Industrial Compliance

Ducon's complete line of air pollution control equipment includes wet scrubbers, venturi scrubbers, chemical gas absorbers,  wet gas scrubbers, packed & spray towers, air strippers, wet and dry precipitators, Activated carbon Adsorbers, FCC Cyclones,  Baghouse filters, which are all used to remove particulate, fly ash, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen chloride, dioxins, mercury, odors, VOC's, sub-micron particles, fumes, and ammonia from industrial flue gases.

Ducon has the broadest technology base of any Company in the environmental control equipment industry. The Company's air pollution control systems are used to control  emissions in a variety of industrial, chemical utility, and municipal applications and include  Flue Gas Desulfurization Systems, designed to control gaseous sulfur oxide emissions, a major cause of acid rain.  Ducon's air pollution control equipment can achieve 99.99% removal efficiencies and are capable of meeting all current federal and local emission standards, as well as any more stringent standards that may be promulgated in the future.

Ducon’s high efficiency equipment & systems are specifically used to:

(i)  Clean noxious and acid gases such as sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide, chlorides, Nitrogen oxides, fluorides, blue smoke, submicron particles, VOCs,  and other acidic fumes from exhaust and power plant stacks prior to discharging to the atmosphere.

(ii)  Control odorous emission such as hydrogen sulfides, mercaptans, aromatic hydrocarbons and fatty acids from industrial exhausts and waste water treatment plants.

(iii)  Recover catalysts in FCC process in refineries, recover fine particulate from gases in PFBC boilers before discharging into turbines.