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Other Ducon Pollution Control Products

Trickle Valve TYPE CA

Trickle Valve Type CA is designed to provide a seal for material return dip legs in fluid bed processes, such as fluid catalytic cracking, where high temperatures, coking and corrosion can cause serious sealing problems.


Trickle Valve TYPE FA

Ducon Trickle Valve Type FA will provide continuous discharge from cyclones and other dust collectors. The valve incorporates simplicity of design, utilizing gravity for automatic operation with no auxiliary power required.


Rotary Discharge Gate

Rotary Discharge Gate is available in various designs and alloy materials to meet practically any application and provide long service life.


Two-Door Discharge Gate TYPE S

Suitable for all dry flowable materials. Due to its welded plate construction it can be supplied in several alloy materials to meet various service requirements involved in handling such products as foods and chemicals. Alloy materials include stainless steels, aluminum alloys, nickel alloys and special metals. Maintains a gas seal at the point of discharge.


Two-Door Discharge Gate TYPE C

With cast iron housing this Two-Door Discharge Gate is used under cyclones, fabric filters, and other dry dust collectors where continuous operation and positive seal is required.


Ducon Environmental Systems has custom products for any air pollution control system problem.

Let us know what your requirements are and we will create an engineered solution.

Hydro Flight Primary Clarifier

Hydro-Flight Primary Clarifier is designed for primary settling and disposal of suspended solids in virtually any industrial sludge application.  A chemical flocculation system can also be incorporated to reduce suspended solids within the recycled scrub liquor.