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Mining Dust Control

Potash Mining

In phosphate and potash mining Ducon equipment is supplied in a wide variety of constructions to meet the particular environmental conditions of abrasion, corrosion, heat and erosion. These constructions include alloys, refractory linings, rubber linings and solid plastic. In phosphate operations Ducon refractory-lined cyclones and Dynamic, Centrifugal, and Venturi scrubbers are used on grinding mills, driers and calciners.

In potash drying. both rotary and fluid bed, the same equipment is used. rubbers are also used in compaction, screening, load out and other operations.

Non Metallics Mining

Ducon cyclones, Centrifugal Multivane Scrubbers, Dynamic UW-4 Scrubbers and Venturi scrubbers are used to control dust in driers and calciners and in crushing, screening and conveying areas in all kinds of non-metallic mineral mining, including limestone, clay, gypsum, trona, fluorspar, feldspar, pearlite, lithium, silica and refractories.

The success of Ducon equipment in lime kiln installations is evidenced by the fact that there has not been a single report on kiln shutdown due to scrubbers plugging.

Coal Mining

In thermal coal drying operations Ducon high efficiency cyclones resist abrasion and build up under high dust loads.

Ducon Dynamic UW-4 or Venturi scrubbers remove extremely fine particles exhausted by the cyclones. Ducon scrubbers are also used in mill ventilation applications on crushers, screen and conveyors.

Many coal mining dust collection installations today are in need of upgrading to improve stack losses. Ducon's experience and expertise in both cyclone and scrubber design can be put to advantage in improving the efficiency of these installations.

Non Ferrous Mining

Ducon equipment is used in almost every phase of copper ore preparation. You'll find Ducon cyclones and scrubbers collecting dust generated at crushers, conveyors, transfer screens and bins. Ducon Multivane and Dynamic UW-4 scrubbers are widely used in ore beneficiation and ore sintering operations. And a single stage Dynamic UvV-4 Scrubber has been selected to provide optimum collection efficiency on copper, Zinc, and lead concentrate driers. Where required, special stainless steel and other corrosion and heat resistant alloy construction is supplied to assure long service life with a minimum of maintenance.

Iron Mining

In pelletizing operations and other ore preparation beneficiation, sintering and reduction operations, Ducon refractory-lined cyclones and UW-4 Dynamic Scrubbers have become the standards of the industry. The UW-4 Scrubber gained fast acceptance in these applications because it has no small openings to cause clogging. And its wet fan keeps maintenance to a minimum.

Twenty-five out of the last thirty major pelletizing plants built use Ducon collectors. And Ducon venturi scrubbers and cyclones have been selected for the world's first fluid bed iron ore reduction operation. The reasons: high performance and low maintenance.

Trust Ducon

Ducon has been a leader in the mining industry as a solver of tough dust recovery and air pollution control problems since 1938. Ducon equipment has gained a strong reputation throughout the world for high collection efficiency, long service life and minimum maintenance.

We offer a wide range of cyclones and scrubbers to meet the most severe service conditions, including extreme temperatures. abrasion, corrosion, and high dust loads.