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Ducon air pollution control equipment are used to remove air pollutants from industrial gaseous streams

Equipment Supplied
  • Wet Scrubbers, Dry Scrubbers
  • Particulate Scrubbers, Venturis,
  • Wet Precipitators, Dry Precipitators
  • Gas Absorbers, Packed Towers, Gas Coolers
  • Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Systems
  • SCR NOx, VOC and CO abatement systems
  • FCC Cyclones, Multi Cyclones, Bag Filters
  • Carbon Beds, Thermal Oxidizers, RTOs
Industries Served
Pollutants Removed

Product Recovery Systems

Ducon High-Efficiency Cyclones are used for product recovery in the Oil Refinery and Petro Chemical Industries

  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC)
  • High- Boiling hydrocarbon fractions of petroleum crude oils
  • High-molecular weight hydrocarbon fractions of petroleum crude oils
  • Spray Drying, Calcining
  • Ore Roasting, Aggregate
  • Minerals, Materials Conveying System

About Us

Ducon Environmental Systems Inc. is a world leader in providing the most advanced technologies for air pollution & dust control equipment, and environmental consulting services since 1938.

Ducon's equipment including: wet scrubbers, venturi scrubbers, FCC cyclones, wet precipitators, carbon adsorbers, SCR NOx systems & baghouse filters, allow its users to comply with the latest government environmental regulations for control of gaseous and particulate emissions and also helps recover valuable products discharging to the atmosphere.

What separates Ducon from many newly established large companies and other self-proclaimed experts, is the fact that Ducon has been consistently in business since 1938 and has successfully completed over 30,000 project installations worldwide. There is  probably not a single FORTUNE 500 company, that has not bought from Ducon. Ducon’s equipment is recognized for quality workmanship, rugged construction, long service life and high efficiency. Clients feel confident in  dealing with Ducon because they know that they are getting proven technologies at the lowest cost. Furthermore, during its 80 years  history, Ducon secured over 30 technology patents for various types of air pollution control technologies which are mainstream in the industry  today.  Ducon also acquired  other technologies through mergers, which allows Ducon to now offer a wide gamut of air pollution control  equipment from a single source.

As  a reputable supplier, Ducon can ensure customer satisfaction through proven innovative designs, expert manufacturing and on-time delivery. A Ducon built equipment is your assurance of complying with the latest emission standards for your facility and having  technical support which begins with start-up and continues throughout the life of your equipment.

Ducon’s environmental consulting services include:  technical support for facility environmental compliance, Air permits, bringing existing equipment in compliance with new regulations, retrofits, site layout & design engineering, and cost analysis for new and existing facilities. Ducon also provides consulting services for developing a complete air pollution control system for new projects in a wide variety of processes. Ducon has compiled an enviable track record of completed projects which continue to perform reliably and economically year after year. That's performance! That is Ducon! The name to consider for your next project.

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