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Ducon receives turnkey order for FCC Cyclones

Ducon receives turnkey order for FCC Cyclones from a major oil refinery on the west coast of USA with the current feedstock throughput capacity of 170,000 barrels per day.

Other Ducon FCC Cyclones:

FCC Reactor & Regenerator Cyclones

  • Ducon works with major licensors of FCC processes: UoP, Exxonmobil, Technip, KBR, Shell, CB&I, Axens, Foster Wheeler and others.
  • Collection efficiency maximized: leading supplier of FCC catalyst recovery cyclones since 1970’s
  • Reactor, Regenerator, Tertiary vessel and fourth stage cyclones
  • Supply of complete Reactor & Regenerator cyclones, Hanger systems,Tertiary Plenums, Diplegs and dipleg valves with plenums fabricated complete with internals
  • Ducon Dust hopper and lined dipleg designs enhance catalyst discharge while decreasing erosion
  • Reactor Cyclones configuration can be directly attached to the riser with a second stage following in a closed or open coupled system. In single stage configuration cyclones are preceded by a riser termination device.
  • Ducon provides performance evaluation & simulation of existing cyclones
  • High efficiency at low pressure drops with enhanced aspect ratio
  • Ducon Computer programs provide: Entrainment, catalyst loss, pressure drop & optimal cyclone geometry

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