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Dry FGD Systems

Ducon Environmental Systems provides several types of Dry FGD systems: (i) Dry Sorbent Injection, (ii) Dry Circulating Reactor, and (iii) semi dry FGD system, to  remove Sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, and other toxic gaseous components and particulate from flue gases. Ducon can use several chemical reagents, such as:  lime, trona, or soda ash  depending upon the system requirements. A dry system utilizes either a Baghouse or an  Electrostatic Precipitator for particulate removal. Ducon Environmental Systems can also recover Mercury, Dioxins, and other heavy metals by injecting impregnated activated carbon. In a semi dry  system Ducon uses two-fluid nozzles to atomize a liquid reagent slurry into fine droplets that while evaporating also cause  gaseous pollutant removal. All dry FGD system generate dry waste product and use less water as compared to a wet system. Ducon can supply dry FGD systems for inlet SO2 concentrations of over 3000 mg/Nm3 and can achieve upto 99% pollutant removal efficiencies. All dry FGD systems are custom engineered for each application.