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Selective Catalyst Reduction

SCR Catalyst Systems

SCR Catalyst

Ducon has partnered with ESKO to supply the Selective Catalyst Reduction systems. ESKO has a sophisticated SCR honeycomb extrude technology that is globally patented and is proven in hundreds of installations at power plants, cement plants, incinerators, glass furnaces, nitric acid plants and other industrial applications. The catalyst manufacturing is done at the factory in South Korea thus providing very low cost benefits.


Optimized SCR Catalyst

Ducon now offers the most advanced and optimized SCR catalyst modules that are based on ultrafine powder technology which controls the pore size, particle size and dispersion of active metal on carrier materials such as TiO2 and Al2 O3.

Ducon can provide high efficiency catalyst at a very low cost for your new project or replacement of existing catalyst. Ducon provides complete inspection, engineering, removal and replacement services.