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18 Best Industrial Dust Collection Types

Industrial facilities require effective industrial dust collection systems to control particulate matter and fumes generated during manufacturing. Proper air pollution control equipment like cyclones, wet scrubbers, baghouse filters, and electrostatic precipitators remove potentially harmful dust and fine particles from the air. This improves workplace safety and air quality in the surrounding environment. Companies like Ducon Environmental offer customizable dust collection solutions including High-Efficiency Cyclones, Venturi Scrubbers, Dry ESPs, Activated Carbon Systems, and more. Their products provide continuous operation while ensuring environmental compliance.

II. Types of Industrial Dust Collection Systems

There are various technologies available for industrial dust collection:

Baghouse Filters

  • Fabric filter baghouses are one of the most common and efficient options, achieving up to 99% collection efficiency. The system draws dust-laden air through a series of fabric filter bags that capture particulates. Filter bags periodically undergo pulse jet cleaning to remove accumulated dust cake. Ducon Environmental offers high quality baghouse filters for heavy duty applications.

Cyclone Dust Collectors

  • FCC Cyclones created by Ducon are a type of inertial separator that uses circular airflow to push dust particles against the cyclone wall. The collected dust slides down to a hopper at the bottom. FCC cyclones effectively remove large and heavy particles.
  • High-Efficiency Cyclones, another Ducon product, achieve a high collection efficiency up to 99% for fine particulates. They can serve as pre-cleaners to protect downstream equipment.

Wet Scrubbers

  • Venturi scrubbers inject water into dust-filled air to capture particles. Ducon provides venturi scrubbers for particulate removal.
  • Packed tower scrubbers from Ducon use structured high surface area packing material to remove pollutants.

Electrostatic Precipitators

  • Ducon’s Dry ESPs electrically charge dust particles to collect them on oppositely charged plates.

B. Cyclone Industrial Dust Collectors


Cyclone dust collectors use circular airflow within a conical chamber to separate dust particles from exhaust air. Ducon Environmental provides the following cyclone technologies:

i. FCC Cyclones

  • FCC cyclones are inertial separators designed for high efficiency removal of coarse particulates.
  • They create a vortex that pushes particles outward to the cyclone wall by centrifugal force.
  • Collected dust slides down the wall into a hopper for disposal.
  • FCC cyclones can handle heavy dust loads and abrasive particles.
  • They are often used as pre-cleaners to protect downstream baghouse filters and other equipment.
  • Industries served include cement, steel, mining, power generation, and more.

ii. High-Efficiency Cyclones

  • Ducon’s high-efficiency cyclones achieve fine particulate collection efficiency up to 99%.
  • They utilize advanced internal aerodynamics for superior dust removal.
  • The cyclones can operate under high temperature and pressure conditions.
  • Applications include fume extraction, light dust collection, and industrial ventilation.
  • They are constructed of carbon steel or stainless steel to withstand harsh environments.
  • High-efficiency cyclones can also be used as pre-cleaners prior to wet scrubbers or other systems.
  • Compared to baghouses, they have lower maintenance requirements for continuous operation.

Ducon’s cyclone products provide customizable, heavy-duty dust collection solutions for demanding industrial processes.

C. Wet Scrubbers

Wet scrubbers from Ducon Environmental remove dust, fumes, and other pollutants by contacting the gas stream with a liquid. They provide high efficiency collection for fine particulates.

i. Venturi Scrubbers

  • Venturi scrubbers inject water into the gas stream through a converging-diverging venturi nozzle.
  • The liquid atomizes and entrains particles as it collides with the dust-filled air.
  • The venturi throat creates accelerated airflow that improves particle capture.
  • Ducon provides venturi scrubbers for various industrial processes.
  • They effectively remove fine dusts below 3 microns.
  • Applications include nuisance dust control, industrial ventilation, and visible plume abatement.
  • Venturi scrubbers can handle heavy dust loads without plugging.
  • They require relatively low maintenance compared to other wet scrubbers.

ii. Packed Tower Scrubbers

  • Packed tower scrubbers from Ducon utilize structured high surface area packing material to remove pollutants.
  • Gas flows through packed beds while liquid flows countercurrently.
  • The liquid absorbent captures contaminants like acids, soluble gases, and particulate matter.
  • Ducon’s packed towers come in fiberglass or stainless steel construction.
  • They are used for gas scrubbing applications including SO2 absorption, VOC removal, and more.
  • Packed tower scrubbers provide high collection efficiency in a compact footprint.

Ducon’s wet scrubber products offer customizable solutions for demanding dust collection needs.

D. Electrostatic Precipitators

Ducon Precipitator

Ducon Precipitator

Electrostatic precipitators use electrostatic forces to remove dust particles from exhaust gases. Ducon provides the following ESP technology:

i. Dry ESPs

  • Dry ESPs from Ducon utilize electrostatic attraction to collect dust.
  • Particles passing between vertical wire discharge electrodes and flat collection plates become positively charged.
  • The charged particles migrate to the grounded plates and are removed.
  • Ducon offers both conventional and rigid frame dry ESP designs.
  • Their ESPs achieve high collection efficiency up to 99% on submicron particulates.
  • Applications include dust collection from industrial boilers, furnaces, kilns, and other processes.
  • Dry ESPs can operate under high temperature conditions up to 750°F.
  • They can handle heavy dust loads including abrasive particulates.
  • Periodic rapping of plates dislodges accumulated dust cake for removal.
  • Compared to baghouses, dry ESPs have lower pressure drop.
  • Industries served include power generation, cement, steel, chemical, and more.

Ducon’s Dry ESP technology provides a customizable and reliable solution for demanding industrial dust collection applications. The high efficiency and low maintenance requirements make them advantageous for continuous operation.

E. Activated Carbon Systems

In addition to particulate collection, Ducon Environmental provides gas phase filtration solutions including activated carbon systems:

  • Activated carbon adsorption is used to remove harmful VOC, odor, and gas phase contaminants.
  • Ducon offers a full range of activated carbon towers and beds for industrial applications.
  • The high surface area and adsorptive properties of activated carbon are ideal for capturing gases.
  • Typical applications include VOC destruction, solvent recovery, odor control, and more.
  • Ducon provides reactivated carbon services once the carbon is spent.
  • For VOC control, Ducon pairs activated carbon with downstream oxidation equipment.
  • This eliminates desorption and provides complete VOC destruction.
  • Oxidation systems include thermal oxidizers, catalytic oxidizers, and biofilters.
  • Ducon can customize the activated carbon system based on required flow rates, concentration levels, and specific contaminants to be removed.
  • Their experienced team handles everything from initial testing to long-term maintenance.

Activated carbon from Ducon Environmental provides high efficiency removal of vapor phase pollutants for industrial processes and ventilation air streams. When combined with oxidation technology, Ducon’s systems ensure safe, compliant gas treatment.

III. Ducon Environmental Pollution Control Products

In addition to their dust collection equipment, Ducon Environmental provides a full suite of air pollution control technologies:

Dry FGD Systems

  • Dry FGD (flue gas desulfurization) from Ducon removes SO2 and acid gases from exhaust streams.
  • They utilize a high surface area sorbent injected into the flue gas to adsorb SO2.
  • The reacted sorbent is captured in a particulate control device like a baghouse filter.
  • Ducon offers both fixed bed and circulating dry FGD systems.
  • Their FGD technology achieves high SO2 reduction with low capital and operating costs.

SCR DeNOx Systems

  • SCR (selective catalytic reduction) systems from Ducon reduce NOx emissions from combustion sources.
  • Flue gas flows through a catalyst bed where NOx converts to nitrogen and water vapor.
  • SCR combines with ammonia injection and mixing components for maximum NOx removal.
  • Ducon provides customized SCR solutions from concept through commissioning.

VOC Oxidation Systems

  • Ducon’s VOC oxidation systems include regenerative thermal oxidizers, recuperative thermal oxidizers, and catalytic oxidizers.
  • These destroy VOCs at high efficiency without using fuel.
  • VOC oxidation prevents release of harmful vapors and provides odor control.

In addition to dry FGD, SCR, and VOC systems, Ducon offers solutions for seawater FGD, limestone FGD, gas cooling, and more. Their experienced team can develop customized systems to address specific air quality control needs.

IV. Benefits of Ducon Products for Effective Dust Collection

Ducon Environmental’s wide range of air pollution control technologies provide numerous advantages for industrial dust collection and gas treatment:

  • High collection efficiency – Ducon products like cyclones, wet scrubbers, ESPs, and baghouses all operate at high efficiencies up to 99% for both coarse and fine particulates. This ensures facilities meet air quality standards.
  • Customizable – Ducon can engineer systems tailored to each application’s specific contaminants, concentrations, flows, and operating conditions. This results in effective treatment.
  • Continuous operation – Technologies like FCC cyclones, venturi scrubbers, and dry ESPs allow for continuous dust removal with minimal downtime. This improves productivity.
  • Cost-effective – Ducon focuses on providing high-performing equipment at lower capital and operating costs compared to competitors. This delivers value.
  • Durable construction – Ducon manufactures equipment using rugged materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, and fiberglass. This provides longevity in harsh industrial environments.
  • Turnkey services – Ducon handles process engineering, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training, and maintenance for complete project execution. This simplifies implementation.

With proven technologies, custom capabilities, and turnkey solutions, Ducon Environmental helps industrial facilities enhance workplace safety, meet environmental compliance standards, improve system reliability, increase operational efficiency, and reduce costs.