Venturi Scrubbers

Wet Approach Venturi Scrubber

Ducon Venturi scrubber is used to remove sub-micron particles from flue gas in a wet process utilizing high pressure. This unit features a wetted wall inlet which eliminates wet-dry line build-up and permits direct recycle of high-solids liquid. Scrubbing liquid is distributed over a weir or shelf - no spray nozzles are used. The Venturi is teamed with a mist eliminator for efficient entrainment separation.

Ducon standard venturi scrubber consists of three sections: a converging section, a throat section, and a diverging section. The inlet gas stream enters the converging section and as the area decreases at the throat, the gas velocity increases causing liquid from the walls to tear into tiny droplets, which entrain the incoming particles. Particle removal from the gas occurs in the diverging section as the gas is forced to slow down. Venturis can be used to collect both particulate and gaseous pollutants, but they are more effective in removing particles than gaseous pollutants.



  • Over 99.9% + collection efficiency into sub-micron range
  • No wet-dry inlet: build-tip
  • Venturis up to 80 in. of pressure drop available
  • Adjustable venturi throat (manual or automatic)
  • No spray nozzles or distribution jets
  • Slurries with high solids can be recycled
  • Non-clogging
  • Water level control not required
  • Handles high inlet gas temperatures
  • Optional packed tower section: for gas absorption
  • Various construction materials such as Inconel, Hastelloy, 317L
  • S.S., and FRP available: for corrosive applications
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