DUCON Multicyclones

Ducon Multicyclones have been providing exceptional service for the past 50 years in an extensive variety of applications. Ducon Multitube Cyclone Collectors are designed for high efficiency and low pressure drop, so that maximum particulate is collected at minimum operating costs. The simple, sturdy construction of tubes assures long, service life with nil down time and minimal maintenance. Ducon Multicyclones have no moving parts and are custom designed for a wide range of gas flows and inlet loadings.


Ducon Multicyclones are capable of; achieving over 99% efficiency on particles 5 microns and larger in size. Ducon generally uses the 9-inch diameter tube for use in collection of fine particulate in applications having light dust loading and medium to low particulate density. The 12-inch diameter tube is used in applications having high dust loading, coarse particulate and high particle density. Finer dust at lighter dust loadings are the most difficult to collect. In those applications, Ducon can use 6-inch diameter tubes for higher efficiency at these conditions. Special vane devices are also used to enhance the efficiency of the collection tubes.

Ducon also provides BAGHOUSE FILTERS for dru collection of particlate from flue gases: BAGHOUSE FILTERS

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